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Training Regulations

Membership & Training


The Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Board administers training regulations (“Regulations”) pertaining to the training of trainee accountants,  registration of training officers and administration of training  contracts.

Training administration also includes the set  of requirements with which an organisation has to comply before it can  be accredited or re-accredited as a training office. These Regulations  are interpreted in a manner that is consistent with the PAA Act 51 of 1951 (as amended),  By-laws, Code of Professional Conduct and any other applicable  legislation of the Republic of Namibia.

In order to  ensure that the PAAB qualification retains its status and credibility,  PAAB has to fulfill certain responsibilities in relation to its training  programme and ensure that prospective PAAB members are equipped with the skills required to perform a wide variety of roles and activities.
Training administration includes:
  • Training office accreditation
  • Training officer registration
  • Assessor registration
  • Trainee accountant registration
  • Training contract administration:-
    • Registration
    • Remission
    • Secondment
    • Suspension
    • Cancellation
    • Extension
    • Discharge
    • Completion
    • Exemptions    
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