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Audit Development Program

Membership & Training
The Audit Development Programme

The Audit Development Programme (ADP) is an 18-month period of specialisation undertaken by professional accountants who want to become Registered Accountants and Auditors (RAAs).  It provides a context wherein the consolidated capabilities developed during Articles can be refined in a more complex learning environment and in performing roles more senior to those undertaken during Articles.  Registered Candidate Auditors (RCAs) are given the opportunity to specialise as RAAs by gaining exposure to a broad range of issues faced by RAAs in practice and to develop and enhance their:
  • professional competence and judgement;
  • ethical values, and
  • lifelong learning skills and attitudes.   

Since its inception in 2016, the ADP has produced 20 graduates, who have gone on to become audit partners and managers in existing firms, or have started their own firms.      
Prospective Registered Candidate Auditors (RCAs) can approach any PAAB registered audit firm which is able to provide the RCA with sufficient exposure to auditing work in order to satisfy the requirements of the ADP.
Registering for the ADP

Professional accountants who qualified through the programmes of a professional body accredited by the PAAB may register for the ADP.  Currently, the PAAB recognizes the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (ICAN) and the Association for Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).  The qualifications that provide entry to the ADP are the Chartered Accountant CTA qualification and the Strategic Professional qualification, respectively.

The ADP also applies to those individuals who want to re-enter public practice after a period of absence; this process is guided by our Proficiency Policy.

Please note that a once-off registration fee of N$ 7,685.50 is payable, per candidate.  There are no additional costs payable to PAAB.
Requirements of the ADP

  • a minimum term of professional experience is eighteen months
  • a minimum of 1,500 productive hours in audit and assurance services

  • the complete list of competence requirements is available to candidates upon registration

Portfolio of Evidence (POE)
The POE is the means through which an RCA demonstrates that they have achieved the required depth and breadth of competence and that they have satisfied all the requirements of the ADP.  The POE is compiled by evidencing the achievement of the required competencies.
The ADP Booklet contains all the relevant information for prospective RCAs.
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