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Public Accountants' and Auditors' Board
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Tel: +264 (0) 61 285 8467

PO Box 11913

123 Robert Mugabe Avenue
Windhoek, Namibia
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About Us


Zaa Nashandi – Head of Secretariat

Mr Zaa Nashandi holds a BBA from UNAM and is completing an MBA.  He  started his career in 2006 and has since been employed in various  Administration and Finance roles.  
His employment with PAAB  started in April 2015 in the position of Head of Secretariat, which he  still holds currently.  He manages the day-to-day operations of the PAAB  and oversees the work of 5 staff members.

He is involved in policy formulation, meeting administration, oversight of assurance work conducted by Audit firms  through quality assurance inspections, receives and processes  complaints lodged with the PAAB and manages collaboration with other  regulators in the SADC region.

A current milestone is the  ongoing process of drafting a new Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Bill  (2016) to repeal the current Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Act 51  of 1951.

Leilani holds a National Diploma in Marketing from the Polytechnic of  Namibia (now NUST).  She started her career in 2003 and has held  positions in tourism, sales, marketing, program coordination and executive assistance.  

Her employment with PAAB started in April 2017 in the position of Executive Assistant to the Head of Secretariat, which she still currently holds.                     

Monica Kaisi-Festus – Membership and Training Officer

Monica is a Chartered Accountant through the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe, and a PAAB registered Assessor.

She started her career in 2010 and has held positions in accounting and audit in both Zimbabwe and Namibia. Her employment with PAAB started in May 2020 as Membership & Training Officer, which she still currently holds.                    

Nhongerai Nemaramba – Audit Investigator

Nhongerai is a Chartered Accountant (recognized in South Africa and Zimbabwe) and holds a Masters in Development Finance from the University of Cape Town.  
He started his career in 1999 and has held positions in audit, finance and administration.  His employment with PAAB started in April 2019 in the position of Audit Investigator, which he still currently holds.

Martha Shiimi – Finance and Administration Officer

Martha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Polytechnic of Namibia.  She started her career in 2009 and has held positions as Assistant Financial Officer and Finance Coordinator.

Her employment with PAAB started in March 2017 in the position of Finance and Administration Officer, which she still currently holds.                    

Naveuye Hamutumua – Administrative Officer

Nave holds a Diploma in Business Management from  Business Management Training College of Southern Africa. She has 15  years’ experience in Administration and Finance from various  organisations.

Her employment with PAAB started in July 2015 in the  position of Administrative Officer, which she still currently holds.                     

Ebenesia Tjitunga – Cleaner

Ebenesia was the newly independent PAAB's first employee in 2014, along with the then Head of Secretariat.  She holds the position of Cleaner and also assists with general admin-based tasks.

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